Diving swimsuit TSNINE EPLS43 worn by platform diver during international competition

I am very excited to introduce you to this Korean brand. High quality workmanship, vibrant colours, modern comfortable fitting (narrow fitting ideal for divers) and high quality Extra Life Lycra fabric (70% Polyester 30%Lycra)

TSNine swimsuits are a designer Korean brand. They are silky, comfortable and long lasting and are very popular amongst platform and springboard divers and synchronised swimmers (artistic swimmers) because of the brightly coloured and outstanding designs. Ask us about measuring the suits for perfect fitting. The screen printed fabrics have long lasting vibrant colours, and some designs feature mermaid designs. Younger or older, we all dream, to at least wear a cute costume so why not a mermaid design swimsuit.

TSNine costumes are raised at the chest / neck, stretchy and extremely comfortable and are also ideal for beach, triathlon, underwater hockey / octopush, underwater rugby, or just for leisure swimming.

TSNine swim suits are available in eight different back types for even better fitting. The costumes’ back styles are: double criss-cross thin straps, triple criss-cross thin straps, V thin straps, double V thin straps, triangle shape cross back, bladeback performance back thick straps. Please see each suit’s back details in the catalogue https://www.acquawear.com/tsnine-swimsuits